From sending advertisements to receiving orders:


What brands love about us


Do you offer a free trial?

We currently do not offer a free trial but we can always offer a free demo of FAIRLING to show you how we can help you optimize your sales.

How does the area protection work?

For each brand, our participating stores can click on the “storefinder” to see the other stores in europe who are already selling the product. This usually prevents from any conflict with area protection.

How many of the local stores are relevant to me?

We are really rapidly growing, so chances are high there will be enough relevant stores for your brand. If you would really like to know the actual number at the moment, we can schedule a quick demo.

How do I know if the stores actually use your product?

Imagine having to close your shop for a couple of days, flying somewhere by plane, book into a hotel and when finally attending the trade fair, you only see all the same brands from last year ever again. Now imagine opening up an app and seeing new brands every day and new products tailored to your assortment.

We do also charge a small set up fee for stores to keep engagement high.

How big is the success rate? How many requests can I expect from retailers?

An average customer acquisition cost on regular trade fairs is between 500€ and 2000€ depending on the average price of the products. On FAIRLING we are usually below 100€, sometimes as low as 30€ in some months.
The amount of requests of course depends on several aspects: your product, the type of shop, your margins etc. As time travel is still hard, we can’t predict the exact number of new retailers you will acquire through our platform. But what we can do: We can determine how many retailers are potentially a fit for you and our experts can help you be more successful with our platform by optimizing your whole presence on FAIRLING.

What margins do I need to calculate with for the retailers in your network?

Margins depend on various aspects: e.g. Which kind of products are you offering? What kind of stores are you reaching out to?
Please keep in mind that buying your products should be profitable for the retailers as well. In case you’re not sure about your margins, our brand experts will assist you with some advice.

How much time do I need to invest in FAIRLING?

Good wholesale takes time – but we of course want wholesale to be as efficient as possible. Using FAIRLING can be up to 90% more time saving compared to other sales channels. In the very beginning you simply have to upload your content to your profile page and keep on posting your bestsellers to the relevant stores. You could even plan a strategy with our experts and safe all your future postings as drafts.
More requests lead to more time to communicate with potential stores. But that doesn’t sound too bad, right?